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About Us

iPro Healthcare.
Healthcare Integration Management Specialists.

iPro Healthcare is a leading strategic advisement firm for hospitals, clinics, and individual practices.  Since 1998, iPro has helped healthcare providers manage costs, increase productivity, and drive sustainable growth and profitability. We specialize in medical workflow analysis, business model revitalization, and maximizing revenue capture opportunities.

We are different.

We don't sell you a "blank slate" and let you struggle with getting IT, administration, and management all working together, hurdle all the database and connectivity issues and finally come up with something.

You get turn-key solutions.

You invest in an information environment that seamlessly integrates across a spectrum of data sources.


Tough issues?

Let iPro Healthcare provide you strategic and tactical advice that will produce measurable value and prolonged results that are consistent with your expectations and goals.

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401 S Wall Street, Suite 201 
Calhoun, GA  30701


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